‘Liquor policy’ needed to protect Muslim sensitivities, says Mujahid

An Amanah pioneer says the sensitivities of Muslims should be cared for in all liquor related exercises, in any event, with regards to picking brand names and images.

Following the discussion over Malaysian-made Timah whisky, Amanah VP Mujahid Yusof Rawa said a “alcohol strategy” was expected to guarantee that issues identified with liquor would not be politicized again and again.

“The example from the issue of the Timah brand whisky is that there should be self-assuredness by the public authority to save the great name of Islam and its situation in the country,” he said in a Facebook post yesterday.

He added that the PM and his Cabinet expected tao express their remain on the make a difference to guarantee the name of Islam in Malaysia was not discolored, without keeping the freedoms from getting non-Muslims.

He said the alcohol strategy should cover five matters:

Restricting Muslims from being associated with the preparing, deal, transport and serving of liquor, and other related exercises;

Restricting any advancement of liquor to regard Islam as the country’s true religion;

Ensuring the sensitivities of Muslims in all liquor related exercises that include non-Muslims, including the holding of occasions and the decision of brand names and images;

The freedoms of non-Muslims with regards to liquor and related issues should be stayed far from political double-dealing; and

Law requirement at the nearby government to administrative levels should be fixed and improved to deal with any “adverse consequences” of liquor.

On the off chance that these five rules were adhered to, the Parit Buntar MP said there would have been no issue with Timah, as it would have been dismissed from the beginning.

He added that the advancement of Timah as a Malaysian item was terrible for Islam’s picture as the authority religion of the country.

Mujahid was the Islamic undertakings serve under the previous Pakatan Harapan government.

Already, the organization delivering Timah clarified that the name alluded to tin, which was broadly mined in pioneer Malaya and the man displayed on the mark was Captain Speedy, a British pilgrim official known for his part in finishing the Larut Wars in Perak.

Certain gatherings had asserted that the name Timah could be understood as alluding to Fatimah, the girl of Prophet Muhammad, and be viewed by Muslims as being hostile. Some additionally asserted that the headgear wore by Speedy resembled a Muslim “kopiah”.

Recently, Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Micci) leader chief Shaun Cheah said there was no requirement for Putrajaya to mediate in the manner individuals maintained their organizations except if it was demonstrated that they expected to swindle clients.

“On the off chance that the public authority proceeds to continuously fuss over organizations and respond to the silliest of protests, then, at that point, it isn’t helping organizations,” he told FMT.

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